File Transfer Protocol (FTP), is one of the most widely used means for exchanging web files between a computer system and a server. Using an FTP client like FileZilla, you can establish a connection to your website hosting account and drag & drop files or whole directories in either direction and the software itself will do all the rest. There are a number of pluses of using File Transfer Protocol, among them the possibility to restart a download/upload when there’s a problem with the FTP connection or the possibility to create different FTP accounts. With the latter option, you can set up FTP users that can connect only to particular folders in your hosting account, but no other folders, emails or any other info, which makes it the very best solution particularly if you have to give a web designer access, for example. You can also use an FTP account with popular applications like Dreamweaver or FrontPage and upload the websites that you have created directly from them, without the need to use any third-party software.

FTP Accounts in Cloud Hosting

Creating and administering multiple FTP accounts will be pretty easy with any of our cloud services. This feature isn’t restricted, so using our intuitive Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to create as many accounts as you need to manage your websites and to get your website-related tasks done. If you hire a web designer and they’re done with the site, for example, you can change the FTP password or delete the entire FTP account with just one single click from the Control Panel. For your convenience, you will be able to see a list of all the FTP accounts that you have created and what directories they can connect to. Useful functions such as modifying the password or the access path and downloading an auto-config file for popular FTP software applications are also just a click away.