With a mailing list, you will be able to send the exact same email message to separate recipients at the same time. The list is a collection of their email addresses, so if you send a single email message to the list’s email address, newsletter@domain.com – for instance, it will be re-sent automatically to all the subscribers momentarily. Normally, people need to register for such a list, but sometimes their addresses can be added manually too, depending on the software application that is used to administer the mailing list itself. You can use the mailing list option to contact potential or existing clients and to send them announcements, brand-new offerings and other types of info on a periodic basis. This will demonstrate your desire to remain in touch with them and will increase the reputation of your website.

Mailing Lists in Cloud Hosting

If you have a cloud service with our company and you wish to create an Internet mailing list, it will take no more than one minute and several clicks to do that. You can add and delete mailing lists using the Email Manager tool, which is included in our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel. During the process, you will be able to choose the mailbox from which you will send email messages to your subscribers and the administrator email address and password which you will use, in order to adjust different settings, to authorize and remove users, and so on. You can update the administrative information whenever you like from the very same part of the Control Panel. We use Majordomo, a popular and powerful mailing list management software, which will grant you full command over the regular email correspondence with your mailing list subscribers.